Presidente is a corporate group from Mendoza. We are a family business that started its commercial activities in 1971. Since then, we have conducted real estate developments which have a great urban impact and made constructions that became milestones in Mendoza and Chile, our neighbouring country.

Our main goal was to change the way in which buildings were constructed and to modify the city’s urban profile with innovative high-rise buildings.

We started off as a developer, but we have faced a significant evolution. We are currently one of the most important economic groups, not only in the region but also in the country.

Later on, our entrepreneurial spirit led us to diversify into new areas:

SHOPPING MALLS: Palmares is one of the most important shopping malls outside the capital. It is located in the centre of the Distrito Palmares district and surrounded by private neighbourhoods and a growing residential area.

HOTELS: Including the ownership and management of one of the most important 5 star hotels in Mendoza, with a capacity of 176 rooms.

COMMERCIAL REPRESENTATIONS: FICAMEN is IVECO’s commercial representative in the Cuyo Region.

AGRICULTURAL BUSINESSES: Farming Presidente has over 1500 hectares destined to grow crops in the best areas of Mendoza and San Juan. Its latest technology ensures the highest efficiency and productivity.

Mario Groisman

He was born in Mendoza in 1947. He graduated from the Cuyo UTN (National Technological University) with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the age of 23. He started his career when he was very young and became highly successful in Real Estate.

Around 1971, he founded the Presidente S.A. Corporation and conducted numerous developments in and outside the country. Over the years, the company has become a symbol of prestige and professionalism.  

As the CEO of the Grupo Presidente corporate group, his peers and the specialized press named him the “Businessperson of the Year” many times for being the business man who has done more things for Mendoza than anyone else.   

Multiple urban milestones and innovative architecture are his signature. In 2004 he was the president of the CEM (Business association of Mendoza). He stands out for constantly contributing to the growth of the city through his inventive and large projects.  

 “We always say that the best projects are yet to come. That’s the reason why we are still the leading company of the market in the region”

Mario Groisman, Engineer

Julián Groisman

He was born in the City of Mendoza in 1976 and his participation in the company started when he was very young.

He graduated from the Torcuato Di Tella University with a Bachelor of Business Economics, and specialized in the Bocconi University, Italy, and Boston and UC Davis University, United States.

He is the executive vice president of the company and an innovative leader in the business world.  

He was vice president of the CEM between 2011 and 2015.

His active participation in all the areas, his excellent educational background and his commercial skills add a lot of value to his management.   

 He is involved in every aspect of the company, from the business assessment and the analysis and planning stages that occur before the development to the construction, branding, marketing, operation, and sales.

Carolina Groisman

She was born in the City of Mendoza in 1977. She got her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in the University of Aconcagua in Mendoza.

She got her Master’s Degree in Management in the University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, and worked at AC Diplomatic Barcelona Hotel. She also gained a lot of experience working at the Grand Oasis Cancún Hotel in Mexico.

She was the Manager of the Palmares Open Mall Convention Centre and has been in charge of all the hotel openings in the company. Currently, she has a management position in the Diplomatic Hotel.  


Our Vision

Our goal is to make the company become part of the Mendocinian society. An active, dynamic, modern and innovative company, that is constantly growing, and that creates more jobs with the best working conditions. One of the ways in which we achieve this goal is to reinvest capital.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on four key principles:
– Teamwork
– Transparency
– Professionalism 
– Trust

Our Team

Presidente has a dynamic group of professionals under the lead of the engineer Mario Groisman. Thanks to this solid team, the company is able to take on new challenges and carry out projects in different areas.