We have a solid and varied career path. We have been in the industry for over 40 years conducting high end real estate projects in Mendoza, Argentina, and Chile.  

We have excelled in the developing of buildings, private residence complexes, offices, shopping malls, hotels and public and private constructions.

The outstanding quality of our constructions, the innovative building methods we use to create milestones and the commitment that we undertake with professionalism add a lot of value to our projects.   

There are many things to take into consideration when starting a new project. We study the environment, the visual and experience-based impact of architecture and the previous projects in order to improve on our future developments.

In order to conceive the best projects, we partner with the greatest national and international architects, builders, urban planners and landscape designers.

Our main activity is the development of real estate in Argentina, such as residential areas and communities, the development of condominiums, retail, shopping malls, offices and hotels. We are also a vertically integrated company. We do everything from the master plan and the construction to the operation of assets.

Each and every of the projects are designed with great vision. Our clients highly appreciate the strategic locations in which our buildings are developed.  

Presidente Real Estate is highly committed to the future of the Province of Mendoza and all the places where it undergoes its projects. Many of them have been internationally awarded because of their architecture and design.

Cdor Ruben Lombardo / Sales Director

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